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Create directory in unix

mkdir is used to create directory or folder in Unix system Create a Directory $ mkdir test This will create a directory named test

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Create blank files in Unix

touch command helps to create blank file or files in Unix system Create Single blank file $ touch test1   Create Multiple blank file $ touch test1 test2 test3

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Create a file in unix

cat command is used to create a file. $ cat >text1 It will allow you to add contents into text1 file. press ctrl+C  to save you added content into text1 file.   Create file...

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How to find a file in Unix

find command is used to search files and directories under Linux and Unix operating systems. Find all PNG (*.png) images in current directory: $ find . -name ‘*.png’ The . represent the current directory...

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How to unzip .tgz file using the unix terminal?

abc.tgz and abc.tar.gz files are quite same. Syntax to unpack .tgz and .tar.gz $ tar options abc.tar.gz $ tar options abc.tar.gz pattern $ tar -xf abc.tar.gz $ tar -xvf abc.tar.gz $ tar -zxvf abc.tar.gz...

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How to install php-pear-db centos 6

Q. How to install php-pear-db centos 6 Install Howto Download the latest epel-release rpm from http://dl.fedoraproject.org/pub/epel/6/i386/ Install epel-release rpm: # rpm -Uvh /tmp/epel-release*rpm Install php-pear-DB rpm package: # yum install php-pear-DB

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How to unzip .tgz file using the terminal?

The .tgz and .tar.gz, both zip extensions are like same. To unpack them please follow the below syntax Syntax: tar options xyz.tar.gz tar options xyz.tar.gz pattern tar -xf xyz.tar.gz tar -xvf xyz.tar.gz tar -zxvf...

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Unix Set or Change Group Password

With the help of passwd command we can also change the group password. -g option tells the unix server that we are going to change the group password not an user. When the -g...