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systemctl command not found

Q. systemctl: command not found [root@ ~]# sudo systemctl daemon-reload sudo: systemctl: command not found Ans. CentOS 6 does not use systemd. On CentOS 6 we use chkconfig command to start/active the service automatically...

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How To Set Date and Time in Unix

In Unix/Linux, the date command displays and set the current day, date, time, and year. To check the current date and time, write date command on unix console [root@localhost ~]# date Thu Jun 16...

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What is Daemon Process

In multitasking computer operating systems, a daemon is a computer program that runs as a background process, rather than being under the direct control of an interactive user. Traditionally, the process names of a...

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What is Orphan Process

An Orphan process is a computer process whose parent process has finished or terminated, though it remains running itself. In Normally an orphan means someone whose parents are dead the same thing is followed...

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What is Zombie processes in Unix

On Unix and Unix-like computer operating systems, a zombie process or defunct process is a process that has completed execution but still has an entry in the process table: it is a process in...

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How to Kill or Delete the running process

Every Running process in unix has  a id called pid. To Kill the running process kill PID $ kill 12345 Forcefully Kill the running process kill -9 PID $ kill -9 12345 Please follow...

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Remove a file in unix

rm command removes a file from unix system. Remove a File $ rm file1 This will remove the file1 from unix system   Please follow and like us:0