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systemctl command not found

Q. systemctl: command not found [root@ ~]# sudo systemctl daemon-reload sudo: systemctl: command not found Ans. CentOS 6 does not use systemd. On CentOS 6 we use chkconfig command to start/active the service automatically...

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How to install php-pear-db centos 6

Q. How to install php-pear-db centos 6 Install Howto Download the latest epel-release rpm from Install epel-release rpm: # rpm -Uvh /tmp/epel-release*rpm Install php-pear-DB rpm package: # yum install php-pear-DB Please follow and like us:0

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Check Your CentOS Version Number

The simplest way to check your CentOS version number is through the command line. Login to your CentOS server using SSH and run the following command: cat /etc/centos-release This should return the following CentOS...